Learn how to avoid the most common pronunciation mistakes in English

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Has it ever happened to you that you realized you had been pronouncing an English word wrong for years without even noticing it? I have compiled an entire book filled with information about words many learners pronounce wrong and about English pronunciation in general, written in an accessible and humorous way.

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Excerpts from what Amazon reviewers wrote
This is a great book. Very easy to understand for people without previous knowledge of phonetics. [...] It is written in a very witty, refreshing way; not at all like a rigid university textbook.
Omahil Garcia, amazon.com
I’m sure that if you’re not a native English speaker, no matter how long you’ve been learning English, you will realize you make one or several of these typical mistakes.
Jose Angel Miranda, amazon.es
Another must have book for English language lovers.
Szymanski Zbigniew, amazon.com

I write books with passion to help my readersand being an avid learner myself, I strive to find the most effective way to present information. The book is based on detailed research and my experience with students, and I hope it will help you learn as much as it helped me become a better educator.