“Y U NO” Guy meme – meaning and origin

by Jakub Marian

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Meaning: This meme is used to express frustration about something or someone not being able to do (or simply not doing) something, as in the example above which expresses frustration each not so tidy person like me felt at some point of his or her life when not being able to find something definitely located in a room but impossible to be found at the moment.

The text ”Y U NO” is a suggestively shortened form of “why don’t you” or “why can’t you” and is often used itself even without the image. The difference between “Y U NO” and “why don’t you” is that the former is already associated with the image and the emotional response it implies.

Origin: The meme is based on a character in a Japanese manga series (manga is a Japanese comics genre) called Gantz by Hiroya Oku (in chapter 55: “Naked King”). The original face of the character can be seen in the image below on the right. The image in the form close to its current usage (see below on the left) was posted by the user “LOLTumblrWallpapers” to Tumblr.


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