Amount of alcohol consumed per capita by country in Europe (map)

by Jakub Marian

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Regular consumption of large amounts of alcohol may lead to various health issues, such as cancer, stroke, dementia, and many others, while moderate drinking has been shown to be beneficial, especially in older adults.

Although there is no universally accepted definition of moderate drinking, for the purposes of the following map, we can say that anything beyond 10 litres per year is an unhealthy amount.

The map shows the amount of pure alcohol consumed in European countries (figures in in litres per year per adult, defined as a person aged 15 or older). It is based on data by WHO (Statistical annexes, page 293; study published in 2014, data from 2010).

alcohol consumption in Europe
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The same study by the World Health Organization also provides insight into the types of alcoholic beverages consumed in each country. The following map shows which type of alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, or spirits) contributes most (in terms of alcohol content) to total consumption:

Most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage in Europe

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