Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting my website. This page tells you how I use personal information collected here. Please read this privacy policy before using the site or submitting any personal information. By using the site, you accept the practices described in this privacy policy.

Use of cookies and tracking

My website itself does not use any cookies (except those technically necessary for the delivery of its content) and does not track you in any way. I use AdSense (Google) for advertising. However, for the protection of my visitors, I do not allow Google to collect information about you for ad targeting (so, if you are in the EU, you should only see targeted ads from advertisers to whom you gave explicit consent; otherwise they may be breaking the GDPR).

I may occasionally (once in a few months) run an experiment that allows me to better understand how my visitors use this website and, consequently, make improvements to it. Such an experiment requires setting up tracking cookies for a short period of time, which are completely anonymous, and all data related to your visit will be deleted after the experiment has finished.

Amazon Associates Program

This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means, in particular, that if you follow a link to or any other national version of Amazon website and then buy anything within 24 hours, I will receive a small percentage of what you pay to Amazon (but your price will stay exactly the same).

The links to Amazon on this website are mostly links to my own books. When you buy my book on Amazon, a significant portion of what you pay goes directly to Amazon rather than me. By buying my book within 24 hours of clicking on a link to Amazon here, you make a part of Amazon’s royalty share go back to me.

Collection of personal information

I only collect personally identifiable information, such as names or email addresses, when voluntarily submitted by my visitors. This information is only used to fulfil your specific request (e.g. purchasing my books or signing up to my newsletters). I never share any information with third parties, unless required by the law.