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‘Merry Christmas’ in European languages
A map showing how to wish people a “Merry Christmas” in French, German, Spanish, Italian and other European languages. (...)
December 17, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
Europe at night generated from urban areas
Europe at night in false colour
You have probably seen many of those stunning pictures of continents at night taken by a satellite or an astronaut. I wanted to create my (...)
December 15, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps, Visual arts
Christmas Gift-Bringers of Europe
Christmas gift-bringers of Europe
Find out who brings Christmas gifts in France, Germany, Spain, and many other countries by looking at this neatly coloured map. (...)
December 14, 2017 – Jakub MarianEnglish, French, German, Italian, Maps, Spanish

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Percentage of population living in capital metropolitan area
European countries by percentage of population living in the capital metropolitan area
The metropolitan area of a city is the city itself plus the area surrounding the city that is closely economically bound to the city. It (...)
December 10, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
‘December’ in European languages
December got its name from Latin decem, “ten”, because it was the tenth month of the Roman calendar (which started in March, not January). (...)
December 8, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
median wealth per adult
Wealth per adult by country in Europe
Credit Suisse recently published its annual wealth report (data tables here) comparing the wealth (net worth) of adults (as private (...)
December 5, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
Average class size in primary educaiton
Average class size by country in Europe
The OECD provides data on the average class size of European countries in primary and lower secondary education. The OECD defines the (...)
December 1, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
pupil-teacher ratio
Pupil–teacher ratio in primary education by country in Europe
When it come to class size, the relationship is quite obvious: The fewer students a teacher has, the more time she or he can devote to (...)
November 29, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
Age of consent by country in Europe
Age of consent by country in Europe
The age of consent, while it has no concrete legal definition, is widely understood to mean the lowest age at which a person is legally (...)
November 28, 2017 – Jakub MarianMaps
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English words that change their meaning depending on stress placement
English orthography is often ambiguous. For example, the word “read” can be pronounced either /riːd/ (“reed”) or as /rɛd/ (“red”) (...)
November 27, 2017 – Jakub MarianEnglish