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Corruption Perceptions Index of European countries
A map shows the Corruption Perception Index of European countries published by Transparency International. (...)
January 27, 2016 – Jakub MarianMaps
Beer and wine drinking countries of Europe
Two maps show in detail how much beer and wine Europeans in different countries consume, per year per capita. (...)
January 24, 2016 – Jakub MarianMaps, Uncategorized
© Les Cunliffe -
Are ‘lens’ and ‘lentil’ related?
Have you ever noticed that a lens looks like an oversized lentil? The fact that “lentil” and “lens” both begin with “len” is not a (...)
January 19, 2016 – Jakub MarianEnglish
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Credit ratings by country in Europe
A map showing the credit ratings of European countries by Standard & Poor’s as of January 2016. (...)
January 17, 2016 – Jakub MarianMaps
‘Cemetery’ and ‘graveyard’ in European languages: The Map
A map shows etymological relations among the words “cemetery” and “graveyard” translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian and other languages. (...)
January 12, 2016 – Jakub MarianEnglish, French, German, Maps, Spanish
© gunnar3000 -
Difference between ‘cemetery’ and ‘graveyard’ in English
Some people think graveyard and cemetery mean the same, but, if we want to be a little nitpicky, we should say that graveyard is a type of (...)
January 9, 2016 – Jakub MarianEnglish
© gunnar3000 -
‘Christmas is’ vs. ‘Christmas are’ – singular or plural?
In some languages, “Christmas” is a plural noun, and since the English word for Christmas ends with an “s”, it sometimes makes English (...)
December 26, 2015 – Jakub MarianEnglish
Christmas gift-bringers of Europe
Find out who brings Christmas gifts in France, Germany, Spain, and many other countries by looking at my neatly coloured map. (...)
December 20, 2015 – Jakub MarianMaps
j europeans use English
How often do Europeans speak English?
A detailed map showing how often citizens of the member countries of the European Union use English. (...)
December 13, 2015 – Jakub MarianEnglish, Maps
Origin of the words Christmas and Xmas
Read in detail about the origin (etymology) of the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Xmas’. (...)
December 8, 2015 – Jakub MarianEnglish