Copyright policy

You can use my maps, diagrams, and photos on another website (in an article or on social media), provided that you link to the source article on this website where the image was originally published. If you share it on Facebook or Twitter, I kindly ask you to tag my profile @JakubMarian. If you share it on Instagram, please tag @jakub.marian.

You can use my images in a print publication (a newspaper, magazine or book) or a presentation (e.g. a PowerPoint slide). In these cases an attribution placed near the image is sufficient (you do not have to print the URL of the original article).

You are not allowed to modify my images without getting a prior permission from me. In particular, you are not allowed to remove any copyright information included in my images.

You are not allowed to print my images on pieces of merchandise, such as postcards, mugs, posters, etc.

You are not allowed to repost the whole text of my articles on another website (but, of course, you can quote shorter passages). In other words, you are not allowed to simply copy my articles and use them on another website, even if you properly attribute them to me.