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How to choose a language to learn
Starting to learn a new language is a big decision. It requires a lot of dedication and perseverance, and it is a decision that can (...)
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Internal monologue (“speaking in your head”) as a form of language learning
There is one method I’ve been using for years for every single language I learn: the so called “internal monologue” or “inner voice”. It (...)
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How to learn a foreign language: Mastering
This is the final phase of learning a language, and it is suitable for you when you speak it at about the C1 level. After some time of (...)

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How to learn a foreign language: Learning
This stage comes after familiarization or skimming through the language of interest and is what the title suggestslearning the language (...)
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How to learn a foreign language: Familiarization
Familiarization is a language learning method applicable only to languages that are not closely related to a language I already know, (...)
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The single most important thing to realize when learning foreign languages
Most people, especially those who are monolingual, don’t realize what the language they speak actually is. Here is a very broad definition (...)
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How to learn a foreign language: Introduction
It has been only a few years that I became interested in learning foreign languages. In high school, I had classes in English (which I (...)