Differences between average hourly wages of men and women in Europe

by Jakub Marian

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There are several reasons why women earn less than men on average, most notably low representation of women in high-paying positions, such as managers, CEOs, etc. The recently published study by Eurostat shows that only 33% of managers were female, while only 36% of sale and service workers were male.

The study by Eurostat also showed that the wage gap varies greatly among countries. The following map shows how much less, on average, female workers earn per hour as a percentage of average male workers’ wage. (No caption = no data available.)

As there was some confusion among my readers on social media, I want to stress again that the map does not show the wage gaps within one industry or corresponding positions. It simply shows the average hourly wages of women compared with the average hourly wages of men across all positions and industries.

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