“New Year’s resolution” in European languages

by Jakub Marian

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A New Year’s resolution is a vow people make to themselves to change an undesired habit or behaviour. The following map shows what New Year’s resolutions are called in European languages (different colours represent different etymologies):

New Year's Resolution in European languages
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Here’s the same information as text:

Albanian: rezolutat e Vitit të Ri
Belarusian: навагодняе абяцанне
Bulgarian: добри намерения за новата година
Croatian: novogodišnja odluka
Czech: novoroční předsevzetí
Danish nytårsforsæt
Dutch: goed voornemen
English: New Year’s resolution
Estonian: uusaastalubadus
Finnish: uudenvuodenlupaus
French: bonne résolution (pour la nouvelle année)
German: guter Vorsatz für das neue Jahr
Greek: πρωτοχρονιάτικες αποφάσεις
Hungarian: újévi fogadalom
Icelandic: áramótaheit
Irish: rún athbhliana
Italian: (buon) proposito per l’anno nuovo
Latvian: jaunā gada apņemšanās
Lithuanian: naujųjų metų rezoliucija
Macedonian: новогодишна резолуција
Maltese: ir-riżoluzzjoni tas-sena l-ġdida
Norwegian: nyttårsforsett
Romanian: rezoluție de Anul Nou
Polish: postanowienie noworoczne
Portuguese: resolução de Ano Novo
Russian: новогоднее обещание
Serbian: новогодишња одлука
Slovak: novoročné predsavzatie
Slovene: novoletna zaobljuba
Spanish: resolución de Año Nuevo
Swedish: nyårslöfte
Turkish: yılbaşı kararı
Ukrainian: новорічне рішення or новорічна обіцянка
Welsh: adduned blwyddyn newydd

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