I am currently working on the following projects, all of which will be available for free when completed. Please, consider supporting their development by buying my booksthe more money I get for the projects, the faster the projects will be completed:

This website – of course, this website itself is a very big project. There are almost 400 educational articles available for free, and the number is growing. In the future, I would like to pay experts from various fields to write freely available articles for this website.
(special project) Support of students in third world countries – if I raise enough money, I would like to use it to manufacture paperback copies of my educational books and ship them for free to students living in less developed countries who couldn’t otherwise afford them.
Interactive Bilingual Texts – this is a website I am currently working on that will allow you to learn a foreign language by reading a text in your target language with a translation into your mother tongue prepared by a human. The translation will be done word by word and phrase by phrase, and you will be able to view it by simply clicking on a word or a phrase in the text.
The Interactive Book of Chess – this will be a website discussing chess strategies, openings, endings, etc. What will distinguish it from similar websites of this kind is that you will be able to see all the explained moves on a virtual chessboard, making it much easier to read.
Interactive Mathematical Visualizations – being a mathematician, I believe the best way to grasp mathematics is through intuition, not memorization, and what would be a better way to understand a mathematical concept intuitively than to see it visually? This will be a website with 2D and 3D visualizations of mathematical concepts.
Interactive Harmony Theory Trainer – this will be an application running in your browser which will allow you to learn harmony theory by listening to harmonic progressions and figuring out what they are.