Pronunciation of ‘vinegar’ in English

by Jakub Marian

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Vinegar is used to make food more sour /ˈsaʊər/ (saau-ə) UK, /ˈsaʊɚ/ (saau-rr) US. Although the word is related to vine /vaɪn/ (vaayn), it is pronounced differently: as /ˈvɪnɪgər/ (vin-ig-ə) in the UK, resp. /ˈvɪnɪgɚ/ (vin-ig-rr) in the US.

And when we are at it, don’t confuse pronunciation of “vine” and “wine”; a “vine” is a plant on which grapes grow and is pronounced with “v” at the beginning (as in “very”), “wine” is the liquid you can make out of the grapes and is pronounced with “w” at the beginning (as in “wow”).

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