Historical Maps of Europe

1741 linguistic map of Europe, Asia, and Africa
Gottfried Hensel (1687–1765) was a German linguist. His book Synopsis Universae Philologiae, published in 1741, was an early work on (...)
November 28, 2018 – Jakub MarianMaps
Europe Ortelius 1572
1572 map of Europe by Abraham Ortelius
The map below is a 1572 copy of a map of Europe created by Abraham Ortelius in 1571. I have digitally restored and remastered the map to (...)
October 4, 2018 – Jakub MarianMaps
Vintage map of Italy
Vintage 3D map of Italy by Litografia Corbetta
The map below was published by Litografia Corbetta, a printing company that existed in Italy in the 19th century. I have created a (...)
May 23, 2018 – Jakub MarianMaps