“Sort by date” slow in Windows 8 and 10 – solution
There’s one “feature” in Windows 8 and 10 that’s been really annoying me lately: sorting by date. When you select Sort by → Date in view (...)
July 23, 2017 – Jakub MarianBlog
Why I stopped “speed-typing” with abbreviations
Until recently, whenever I was writing anything on my computer at home, instead of doing what most people dothat is, type every letter (...)
March 29, 2017 – Jakub MarianBlog
How I cured my chronic headaches and dizziness
First, I should note that I am not a doctor, and nothing written in this article should be understood as medical advice. The article is (...)
March 10, 2017 – Jakub MarianBlog

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Where are my followers?
My Facebook page has recently surpassed the 10,000 follower mark. Yaay! Of course, being a map lover, I was interested to see where my (...)
May 15, 2016 – Jakub MarianBlog
Why buying Facebook ads for page likes is a complete waste of money
My Facebook page recently got close to about 5,800 followers, and I thought it would be nice to help it reach 6,000 with the help of (...)
June 23, 2015 – Jakub MarianBlog
How to write and publish a non-fiction book
I have recently published my fourth book, and I thought it would be interesting to let my readers know what it takes to self-publish a (...)
February 18, 2015 – Jakub MarianBlog
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Are statistical data and scientific results subject to copyright?
I have recently created a map showing the number of books published per year per capita by country in Europe. The figures in the map are (...)
The horror of the German Foreigners Registration Office
I am not German, but being a citizen of another EU country living in Germany, I never had to deal with any German authority for foreigners (...)
November 16, 2014 – Jakub MarianBlog
Are Witches and Wizards in the Harry Potter universe selfish?
I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Spanish (for language learning purposes), and there’s one thing that (...)
August 9, 2014 – Jakub MarianBlog
Are we born with a certain IQ?
It is not exactly rocket science to understand that people get better at doing something with training (although it is almost brain (...)
July 2, 2014 – Jakub MarianBlog